NUJ Freelance

You can join the NUJ as a Freelance Member.

If you are a self-employed freelance or contractor, or work for more than one employer on a casual basis, you can apply online to join the NUJ as a freelance member.

You can also join as a Temporary Freelance Member.

If you are trying to establish or re-establish yourself as a full-time journalist, yet do not yet earn half of your income from freelance journalism and you don’t have another full-time job, you can apply online to join the NUJ as a temporary freelance member.

Temporary membership can last for up to three years. All temporary freelance members pay an annual membership rate of £60 in the first year, £84 in the second year and £102 in the third year.

It is now possible to set up a direct debit of £5 a month for temporary membership.(Please note: members paying by direct debit who qualify for a press card will not receive their card until after two months subscriptions have been paid. This is to cover the cost of producing the cards).


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