Can and should NUJ members support a boycott of The Sun?

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July 12, 2017 by NUJMcrSalford

A petition to ban The Sun in Manchester gathered more than 70,000 signatures before it was removed.

The Sun is no fan of trade unions and there have been successful campaigns to boycott it from other unions – with GMB banning The boycottsunSun from all premises and meetings.

The Facebook Total Eclipse of The S*n campaign say it exists to “to promote people, stores, businesses, institutions and all who take a stand against the s*n ‘newspaper”.

The boycott campaign in Liverpool is well known for supporting the Justice for the 96 after the lies told by The Sun following the  Hillsborough disaster.

The Sun now faces calls for a boycott in Manchester, accused of seeking to exploit the deaths of 22 people in the Arena bombing when it said victims of the atrocity were murdered because Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell had “sucked up to the IRA”. boycottsun2

Not everyone supports the campaign against The Sun but it seems to be gaining in popularity.

Can the NUJ – in Manchester or elsewhere – support a boycott that could threaten workers’ jobs?

We’re organising a special film and debate at Three Minute Theatre, Afflecks Parade, Oldham Street, Manchester city centre on 2pm on Saturday, July 22.

  • Can NUJ members join a boycott of a newspaper? boycottsun3
  • Is the boycott working?
  • Are union members risking journalists’ jobs?
  • Is union solidarity and agitation in work place a better alternative?
  • Who benefits from boycotts?
  • Can Murdoch make up for any financial losses by getting rid workers?
  • Could a boycott impact on freedom of the press?
  • What are the future implications for any left wing publications facing a boycott?
  • If the problem is bigger than The Sun will a boycott change anything?
  • What more can be done to tackle the lies of media owned by right wing moguls?

Entry is £4 to cover licence feess and venue costs.


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