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June 12, 2017 by NUJMcrSalford

Manchester has a range of alternative media sources that seek to challenge and to contribute to local news delivery. Journalists with experience on mainstream media work alongside citizen journalists to produce print and online newspapers.

Do we need them? The Meteor, the Salford Star and Real Media will join a discussion to explain the reasons why our city benefits from a range of alternative media in approach to news-gathering and in terms of delivery.

The Meteor is a group of journalists and activists who offer media training alongside producing alternative news. It is:

… a not-for-profit, independent media project – an alternative, radical, meteorcommunity-based publication for the people of Manchester. By telling stories that are neglected in the mainstream, investigating and challenging local power structures and exploring important issues, from the everyday to the earth-shattering, we aim to promote social justice in our city and beyond.

Salford Star was ahead of the pack and has been producing award-winning news for over a decade, offering:

… a magazine that’s different. It’s written and produced by people in Salford for people in Salford. And it’s totally independent. The Salford Star just salfordstar2aims to give the community a voice, to make public bodies a bit more accountable and to inform, campaign and entertain.

We are a not-for-profit company and any revenue is ploughed back into the mag to make it bigger and better and to print more copies. It’s also a great way to reach the community direct.

Real Media is a national organisation serving London, Birmingham, Scotland, Leeds, Bristol and Tyneside as well as Greater Manchester. It intends to shift public debate, to impact on national policy on media ownership, while providing challenging public interest journalism. It is:

… a cooperative of journalists dedicated to public interest journalism andrealmedia challenging mass media distortion. We believe the large media organisations, as they currently exist, largely serve the interest of a small establishment – their owners, their advertisers and the governments that they get most of their information from. This pattern of ownership and structure results in a narrowing window of debate and the decline of public interest journalism. We exist to challenge this state of affairs.

Conrad Bower from The Meteor, Stephen Kingston from Salford Star and Real Media’s Tom Barlow will join us to discuss the benefits of having an alternative media. Can not-for-profit media organisations contribute to local news? Does news need to be challenged? Who works on alternative media?

We’ll screen Below the Fold – a short Pulitzer Prize-winning documentary about journalists who challenged the racist stereotypes peddled in 1980s Los Angeles Times.

We’ll also screen our own film to publicise the NUJ and branch’s Reporting Poverty campaign made my young people at Reporters’ Academy in Salford – challenging the stereotypes and demonisation of people experiencing poverty.

Date: Saturday June 24

Venue: Three Minute Theatre Afflecks Arcade 35-39 Oldham Street Manchester, M1 1JG

Start time: 14:00 – film followed by a shot film screening then discussion

Cost: £4 to cover licence fee and venue costs


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