Reporting Poverty: The Film premiere at Manchester May Festival 2017

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April 20, 2017 by NUJMcrSalford

We’ll premiere the promotional film for our Reporting Poverty campaign made by young people at Reporters’ Academy at this year’s Manchester May Day Festivalmaydayfestival.

When: Saturday, April 29 at 13:00

Where: Mary Quaile Room, Manchester Mechanics Centre, 103 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD

The film inspires debate around how poverty is reported in the UK media and asks political activists, journalists, campaigners – many who’ve experienced poverty themselves – how the subject should be tackled.

It is made at Salford-based Reporters’ Academy, a media production company run by young people and integrated into the world of media, education and employment giving us the opportunity to introduce these young people, many who have experienced poverty themselves, to the NUJ and to trade unionism.

How workers experiencing poverty are represented in our media should be a concern not just to journalists and NUJ members but to all trade unionists. The people represented are our sources, they’re our listeners, viewers, readers and, importantly, they’re our fellow workers.

We hope this campaign will spark a discussion to challenge the language of skivers and strivers, to tackle the misinformation and unfair representation, and instead highlight the valuable contribution people living in poverty contribute to our communities.

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